Setting Save Conversation

Where do you want to save the files?

Selecting an option only changes where the files are saved (images, audios, documents), the conversations will continue to be displayed in the CRM widget.

Setting modules


This option activates all the blueprints configured in your CRM and disables the lead status field in Spellty.

  What is a blueprint?
Approval Processes

This option activates all the approval processes configured in your CRM.

 What is an approval process?


Workflow Rules

This option activates all the workflow rules configured in your CRM.

  Que son las reglas del flujo de trabajo


Option to convert to contact

If you activate this option, it disables the button to convert a leads to contact in Spellty.

Save conversations

Save the conversations in the Opportunities module

If you activate this option, the conversations will also be saved in the opportunities module.

Custom fields

Show only required fields

if you activate this option, only the required fields will be displayed.